Rain out

What a weekend. I thought the rain would stop long enough for me to get in a quick walk yesterday, but no. With the way I eat, I need my exercise and I need it daily. I don’t have indoor exercise equipment nor do I belong to a gym so I rely heavily on sidewalks. I’m going to brave the outdoors today rain or shine. What’s a little rain? My waistline will thank me for it.

Did I mention that I’ve been nibbling on palmiers for a day and a half? I have always wanted to recreate La Madeleine’s version and I did so yesterday morning at 5:00AM!! I found an all butter puff pastry at Central Market and did my due diligence to replicate one of my favorite breakfast pastries. Voila! All you need is a good quality puff pastry (all butter), granulated sugar, salt and parchment paper. In addition to the sweet style I also made a savory version with Parmesan, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. I couldn’t believe how easy this was to make. All this time I thought I was at the mercy of a French bakery.

My sweet tooth is in full effect this weekend. I’m hankering for rich dark chocolate cupcakes smothered in chocolate ganache. Off to the grocery.


3 responses to “Rain out

  1. This rain is crazy. Hope it calms down enough today for your walk! Chloe refuses to potty outside in the rain, so it’s getting a little old.

  2. Duff loves water in all forms. The rain seems to make the outdoors all that more appealing.

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