Labor Day Weekend

So far, this three day weekend has been all about food. Friday started with a trip to Jake’s on Skillman. Have you tried their bacon cheeseburger with jalapenos? It’s pretty damn good. To me, that location has the best quality of food out of all of the Jake’s restaurants. Try it. You’ll see if you don’t already know. And, don’t even bring Keller’s into the mix. I know they are the same, but not quite. I love me some Keller’s, but that is for a different discussion.

Friday night was take-out from Tukta Thai. I love their Spicy Yam Yam with shrimp. I like to add an order of Shrimp Spring Rolls, a side a steamed rice and a side of cucumber sauce. I pour the sauce and rice rice right over my salad. It’s the perfect blend plus a little bit of low sodium soy sauce. The best part about adding the rice is that is stretches the salad/dish for one into that for two or more. You can’t beat that. Especially when that order alone is close to $20. It makes the price tag easier to stomach.

Saturday included a trip to PetSmart for dog food and a toy. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to search long. Duff found a soft stuffed chicken immediately. He liked it so much that he ripped it right off of the rack. Afterwards, I stopped off at Great Outdoors for lunch. Ham and Cheddar for me and an Invention for the hubby. Boy do I love me some hot sandwiches. Dinner was Pizza Hut’s new deep dish stuffed crust. Um, yum! We watched more of The Wire and then it was off to bed.

It’s now Sunday morning. Duff has me on schedule for a 5AM wake-up call. Lucky for Duff I’m a morning person. I started off the day making banana bread. I get so excited when I have a basket full of over ripe bananas. Ripe bananas have endless possibilities. All of the bread making got me hungry. As if I giant piece of bread wasn’t enough for breakfast. I added a few scrambled eggs to the mix. I’m officially stuffed.

It’s time for Duffy’s morning walk. We’re going to see Inglorious Bastards this afternoon and I can’t wait. I’ve only got one more thing on my agenda for the weekend; Tex Mex!

2 responses to “Labor Day Weekend

  1. So, did you like the movie? I’ve heard it was great.

  2. We liked the movie a lot. It was a bit long, but well worth it.

    Margie, thanks again for your pic of the cheddar fries. It inspired us to have lunch at Snuffers today. I’m still recovering on the sofa.

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