TGIF, everyone! We kicked the weekend off early at Offshore’s. My husband loves the shrimp po’ boy and I the fried catfish. More spicy dipping sauce, please! They had to roll us out of there. Why do we always eat so much when we dine there? Feeling better this morning, so no complaints.

Tonight we are heading to PetSmart to get all of the essentials for our new addition tomorrow. We pick up our 1 yr old Golden Retriever at 10:30AM. I am so excited. M, not so much. He’s more nervous than anything. All he can see are dollar signs at this point. No worries, he’s a big softie. You just can’t see it buried under all of that anticipation. That will all be over and done with come tomorrow afternoon.

I’m thinking of a little Tony’s take out for dinner tonight. We’ll be running around and nothing hit’s the spot like a pie from Tony’s.  As for the rest of the weekend, Saturday is up in the air. It’s all about the new dog. Sunday is when the party begins…on the grill that is. We’re grilling a pork tenderloin. Sides and marinade have yet to be determined. More on that next time.

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