Old Stomping Ground

We moved recently and there are a few things that I miss about our old neighborhood. For one, we could walk out of our front door and pick from numerous shops, restaurants and bars. There were so many Saturday afternoons spent sipping wine on the patio and window shopping. Now, we have to drive everywhere. Secondly, I miss my happy hours at Corner Bar. Now when we think about going to Corner Bar, we have to take into consideration parking and cab fare. The thought of nursing our drinks doesn’t sit well with either one of us. Lastly, I miss the delivery pizza options. My husband and I both LOVE our pizza and we love it even more when it’s delivered hot and fresh to our doorstep. I miss Campania, Sal’s, Brother’s and even Domino’s. I never thought that I would miss Domino’s, but I do. If only Tony’s deliverd. Then, I might be content with our delivery options.


3 responses to “Old Stomping Ground

  1. The delivery options are pretty sad around here. We tried Thai2Go a couple weeks ago, but I wasn’t impressed. Picasso’s delivers- but their pizza is just so-so.

  2. We had a pizza mania weekend. Pizza Hut on Friday night. Tony’s on Saturday night and Rockyano’s on Sunday. I have a love/hate relationship with Rockyano’s. Sometimes I really like it and other times not so much.

    Picasso’s is good, but pricey for what you get. I always get suckered into the butter crust. I think it’s going to taste amazing, but it just tastes like regular crust.

  3. Yep, it’s slim pickin’s around here when it comes to delivery.

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