Let me tell  you something. I am having a blast! The hubby and I decided to take a few days off. Maybe a trip to Austin, but the more appealing staycation took us over. So far, we’ve been eating like mad men (not like the TV show which I love by the way). We started off with Tutka Thai on Wednesday, then Bonnie Ruth’s and Mexicali on Thursday. Today, it’s been a blur…first Barbec’s and then Highland’s Cafe. We’re still tinkering with dinner plans. Broken Social Scene is playing at Palladium tonight and that just might be a factor in our meal plans.

We bought a Weber Charcoal Grill so we’ll be putting the coals on for the remainder of the weekend. I grew up with a charcoal grill. The gas grills don’t really do it for me. You know what that means? Oh yeah, baby! Sausage on the grill along with asparagus, a medley of peppers and onions. Mmm…mmm…good!


5 responses to “Stuffed

  1. Yum! Did you try Bonnie Ruth’s for breakfast or lunch or what? We stopped in for $3 martinis on Thursday.

  2. We stopped in for lunch. We’ll be heading up there for dinner VERY soon.

  3. Fun staycation! I always forget about Bonnie Ruth’s. What did you think of Highlands Cafe?

  4. Highlands is good, but not great. My husband really likes it. I stay simple when I order. I like the BLT and the Greek salad.

  5. Thank you so much for having me on your blog roll–I’ve gotten several vistors. So glad to know about your blog, too!

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