Dinner is on

I have a drink in hand and the oven is roaring.  I have vegetables roasting, mushrooms cooking and potatoes baking. Steaks are about to hit the pan and finish in the oven. It’s a good night.


7 responses to “Dinner is on

  1. No doubt! I’m sure it was all just great. Maybe we’ll do the same tonight. Sounds like a great idea to me.

  2. I tricked it up a bit. I went with an Ahi tuna steak. It was the perfect surf and turf. M’s rib-eye was so big that I was able to nab some as well.

    The roasted vegetables were excellent. I did a mix of red onion, red bell pepper, grape tomato, squash and garlic. They paired beautifully with the tuna.

  3. Ahhh- I miss ahi tuna!! What did you put on the roasted veggies? Mine are always super bland.

  4. Guys, I must tell you my wife fixed the best chicken fajitas last night. We marinated them in olive oil, blush wine, and tomato basil chipotle spices from Central Market. She grilled them in the pan, then we served them with sour cream, cheese, fresh CM whole wheat tortillas, and guacamole from CM’s new guacamole cart. Some of the best fajitas I’ve had anywhere!

  5. Sounds amazing!! How long did you let them marinate?

  6. Overnight. Except that I forgot the lime juice and had to add it in the morning. We then prepared them that night. We will have them again soon, and possibly add steak or seafood into the mix.

  7. I love roasted vegetables. My staple for roasting is a mix of olive oil, salt, pepper, white wine, balsamic vinegar and Italian seasonings. I save the white wine and add it about half way through the roasting process.

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