I like steak

My promise to cook steaks last weekend came and went. Meaning, I didn’t feel like cooking. It’s strange to me that there are times when I have no desire to do something that I love. I had every intention of cooking on Saturday, but didn’t. Even more strange is that the very next day I whipped up several (five) dishes for Sunday dinner.

This weekend, I plan to redeem myself. I am going to cook steaks. The big question is in regards to the side dishes. I’ve already got a sweet potato for myself and a regular potato for M. Now what? Any suggestions? What are your favorites sides to go with hearty beef?


6 responses to “I like steak

  1. I did creamed spinach the last time we had steaks and loved it! What cut of steak do you guys eat?

  2. I’m a filet girl and M loves a good rib-eye. Creamed spinach is a great idea. I was thinking of a side of baked mushrooms as well.

  3. asparagus – they’re in season and yummy

  4. We have been having our share of asparagus lately. Not only do we roast them on the grill, but also in the oven. There is something so wonderful about the taste of roasted asparagus. Mmm…

  5. Ranch Style Beans are also good, for the authentic Western touch. However, if you don’t want the canned variety, you can make them yourself with pinto beans, garlic, onion, bacon or salt pork, and spices. It can take some time, however, if you start with dry beans. Soak overnight, then cook for five hours, according to this recipe:


  6. I cooked up a pot about three weeks ago. Holy moly! We had enough to feed an army. When it’s just M and I, I reach for a can of Bush’s baked beans.

    Tonight’s menu has changed a bit. M is having a rib-eye and I’m going with Ahi tuna. Hey, they’re both steaks.

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