There was a slight rain delay for yesterday’s game, but all went as planned. I got my bobble head and some good ballpark grub. What is it with ballpark nachos? I love them! I like them loaded up with extra cheese and jalapenos. Several beers and a hot dog later I was living the life.

I woke up close to noon today. Rats. I hate it when I miss a good portion of the day. The weather is gorgeous! My Mom and I went for a nice long walk and then it was a trip to the grocery store for ingredients for tonight’s dinner; fish tacos. Personally, I was craving a big old bowl of spaghetti with ricotta, cream and roasted tomatoes. Not so for M. He always gives me that funny look when I ask, “how does spagetti sound for dinner tonight?” I thought everyone loved spaghetti. What’s up with that?

Off to read the paper and make my way through a massive stack of magazines. Last thought before I sign off. I used to dread Mondays because it seemed like the next weekend was always so far away. Not so anymore. I feel like I blink my eyes and it’s already Friday again. When did time start moving so fast? Is it just me or do you feel the same way?

3 responses to “Satisfied

  1. I still dread Mondays, but the weeks do pass faster, that’s for sure.

    We made fried cod for dinner. $7.99 a pound at CM this weekend! Had to pick up a couple of $7.99 a pound Porterhouse steaks, too.

    I’d eat that spaghetti you mentioned, though. Sounds great!

  2. Mondays make my brain sad :-/

  3. If I didn’t work, Mondays would be a whole different story.

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