And we’re off…

Another Monday for the books. I can finally get into the groove of things. I swear, I go through most of Monday in denial that I’m back at the office. By Tuesday, I have accepted my fate. I work and it’s no longer Monday. Good enough for me (sort of).

M and I had such a great weekend. We were one step ahead of the curve on Sunday. We beat the Senior Citizen crowd to dinner at El Fenix. We could no longer take it. We had to have an early dinner. Early, you say? How about 3:30 PM early? We had the whole place to ourselves minus a few late lunchers and kiddos. It was great. I’ve been ordering the same thing since I was 16 years old; two sour cream chicken enchiladas, a soft cheese taco, rice and beans (aka Pueblo Plate with a substitution). The whole late lunch/early dinner threw a wrench in our fish taco plans, but not to worry. We’ll be whipping those up next weekend.

A little barbecue action, catching up with old friends, bar time, mall time and El Fenix made for a pretty splendid weekend.


4 responses to “And we’re off…

  1. Oh, El Fenix! I love their tortilla soup, salsa and sour cream enchiladas. And I somehow always end up with a roll of those crappy little mints by the cash register. Good stuff.

  2. I always go for a chewy pecan praline.

  3. Hubbard LOVES pralines!

  4. I can understand why.

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