Weekend Plans

Don’t you hate it when you wake up thinking it is the weekend and then you realize that it is not? I did that this morning. Bum out! Anywho, it’s Friday and that is something I can get out of bed for. It took long enough to get here. Don’t ya think?

Tonight, M and I are going to put on our running shoes and make a go at the Katy Trail. Friday nights are perfect because there is less traffic and more wobble room (I’m clumsy). Normally we would walk over to Corner Bar, but exercise and cold beers at the house ringed in a nice change of pace. Plus, we have several movies to watch. Too much time at the Corner Bar eqauls unfinished DVD and strange messes to clean up the next morning. I’m one of those eating types when I drink. Think blueberry pancakes at 1AM.

Saturday, my Mom and I are going to walk and then I’m going hit up Central Market. She’s craving a Prime filet for dinner and I agreed to tackle Central Market for the beef. She steers clear of busy shopping centers. I jumped at the chance. I’m thinking a major cheese purchase is about to go down. Did I mention lots of red wine and Parmesan bread? Yep, a feast for kings. Nothing on the books for Saturday night except a little bar time and probably take out. Mmm… I love take-out.

Sunday, another walk with the Momma and then it’s over to El Fenix for lunch. I love their chips and salsa! M is requesting fish tacos again for Sunday dinner. Sounds like a winner to me.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


5 responses to “Weekend Plans

  1. Enjoy the Katy Trail. And sign up for the Katy 5K, which takes place on Thursday, May 14. Lot’s of free food, beer and wine for your $30 entry fee.

  2. We might just have to do that.

  3. lots of red wine and parmesan bread sounds heavenly. i could eat that every day for the rest of my life and be happy. I hope you enjoyed the feast!

  4. how’d the katy trail run go?

    I’ve been telling myself I need to get out of the gym and workout outside while the weather is nice, it just never happens! one million excuses

  5. We trek the Katy Trail at least 4 times a week. It’s always a nice time. We refer to it as the Silicone Trail. It’s the only place that makes me reconsider my chest size.

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