Flo? More coffee, please.


I worked long and hard to get my coffee drinking under control. I used to be one of those pot-of -coffee people in the morning. A few years back, I worked my way down to one cup a day with the exception of the weekends. I allow myself as much as I want as long as it’s before noon. This rule does not apply if I’m severely hung over. All bets are off if that is the case.

M and I took a nice stroll on the Katy Trail after work on Monday. On our way home, we stopped into Starbucks to pick up some coffee (we were out at home). $12 later, we had ourselves a bag of Brazilian coffee. Mind you, I stopped buying Starbucks coffee to save money. I turned to 8 o’clock coffee and didn’t look back until Monday.

What is going on? I’m at 2 cups a day and then some. I love this coffee! Oh, did I mention M and I have stopped drinking during the week (trial basis). I’m sure that has nothing to do with it.


7 responses to “Flo? More coffee, please.

  1. Oh goodness, I’m around 3-4 cups in the morning on weekdays, plus a post-lunch cup in the afternoon. At least I’m off the soda!

  2. I recently gave up coffee on the weekdays. I still drink black tea, but I save the coffee for my weekend mornings. So far I’m pretty happy with the results though sometimes I really miss that morning cup o joe!

  3. I go to bed at night just so I can get to my morning cup of joe faster.

  4. Hey, if you aren’t drinking much, then why not drink something great?!

  5. Margie, I totally agree. I splurged all weekend on top shelf margaritas. Nice!!

    The coffee isn’t half bad either.

  6. I have to work hard on my coffee habit too. I went through an herbal tea phase for a little bit to wean myself from coffee, but that was a short-lived period. i’m back on the sauce again. alas!

  7. I find myself buying the 1 lb. bags (Starbucks) at the grocery store for the free small coffee.

    Did I mention that I have developed an iced tea habit during and after lunch? We cater lunch daily which means bottomless cups of tea. I’m becoming such a junkie!

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