April Fools’ Day Memories

There is one vivid April 1 memory that sticks out big time in my mind. Back in 3rd grade our elementary teacher hosted a game of hang man with the class. The final outcome; pizza party. We were so excited!! This was no laughing matter. Our class was getting pizza delivered for lunch. Our teacher even went so far as to ask each and every one of us our preferred pizza toppings. Right before our class was to be dismissed for lunch, Ms. Parker exclaimed, “APRIL FOOLS’!!” I all bull sh*t! That was just wrong.

This story must have been meant for more than a mere prank. It was this exact story that brought my husband and I together. Lo and behold, we were in the same class and never knew it.

5 responses to “April Fools’ Day Memories

  1. Gammypie, are you saying you two got married in the third grade? That’s just wrong!!!

  2. That was a mean trick.
    But obviously fate if you were in the same class!

  3. Really?? You two have known each other since third grade? That’s amazing.

    What a mean prank… pizza is serious business to kids (AND to 26 year olds).

  4. That is too cute about being in the same class.
    I just found out that my fiances grandmother lived one street over from my parents house. The world is really too small.

    Man how could that teacher keep a straight face, I would have been dying!

  5. Actually, my husband and I didn’t discover that we were in the same class until 2005. He was only in the area for that one year and then it was back to Midlothian.

    My husband thought that was the cruelest prank played on him to this day.

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