Appetizer Weekend

We stayed in all weekend and made it an appetizer weekend. Dinner both Friday and Saturday nights consisted of appetizers only. So much fun! We had everything from stuffed mushrooms to a cheese spread. I picked up a really tasty cheese from Central Market. The Kerrygold Dubliner cheese was extra yummy. Plus, it made us feel all Irish inside. Along with the Kerrygold came goat cheese, mascarpone, camenbert, stilton blue and aged Parmesan. We were up to our eyes in baguettes and roasted tomatoes. Pure heaven in my book. Give me wine, bread and cheese and I’m a happy girl.

Sunday was all about the Rachel Ray experience. I know that everyone bags on her, but I really like her recipes and they come together quickly. We made the Rachel Roni which consisted of broken spaghetti and dried mushrooms. It was a mock risotto. Oh my! This is a keeper. M and I were surprised at how delicious this one turned out. We can’t wait to munch of the left overs this week.

Happy Monday everyone. My birthday is less than two weeks away. In our house, that means a little bit of birthday goodness up until the big day! Whoo hoo!!

7 responses to “Appetizer Weekend

  1. Gammy – I’m also an undercover Rachel Ray fan!! She really does have great time-saving tips, and some techniques that are far from “classical” but are really good common sense and help keep the prep area clean. She’s got some simple marinades recipes too that I like. Yay for Ray 🙂

  2. That sounds like fun. I think I’d enjoy a little appetizer weekend myself!

  3. Rachel Ray has come to the rescue many nights at our place. She usually comes center stage on Sunday. Her recipes are quick, easy on the pocketbook and quite tasty.

  4. Holy cheese!! That sounds wonderful. I think WF was sampling the Kerrygold Dubliner the other day. Yum.

    I hate on RR, but I actually really enjoy her magazine and cookbooks. Will definitely have to try this mock risotto.

    Happy early b-day!

  5. Friday night was a Whole Foods Cheese Night for me. I think cheese just makes life worth living. I have a slight addiction for this gouda pimento cheese spread I found there. I don’t think I can have it in my house anymore. I eat it all in one sitting.

  6. Yea, I’m the same way about Rachael. She says some pretty cheesy things, but I’ve always had good luck with her recipes. She’d probably call your appetizer-dinner: appetizinner. 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh! Victoria, I’m now going to have to try this gouda pimento cheese spread that you speak of. Holy cow! It sounds awesome!!

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