Monte Cristo

003Sorry guys. No pics as my camera was at home. I’m enjoying a cold one right now. Mmm…

Corner Bar had Monte Cristos on their Saturday menu. Holy cow! I love new menu items. Especially when they taste great too! I hope they add them to their everyday menu. I wonder if I can convince the hubby to walk over there with me tonight for another sampling.


8 responses to “Monte Cristo

  1. I had my first Monte Cristo in Yountville, Ca, while on a Sonoma Wine Country Tour. One of the greatest sandwiches ever invented. Which reminds me: I wonder what wine should be paired with a Monte Cristo? Hmmm……

  2. Oh my goodness, Brian LOVES monte cristos… we might have to make a Corner Bar trip soon. I didn’t even know that they served food!

  3. I’m not even sure where Corner Bar is… Hey, you stole my beer!

  4. If it were me, a nice champagne Rose would be best. Since that was not an option, I opted for a greyhound.

    Note. I go with what I want as far as wine pairing is concerned. I’m sure I break all of the rules. Another note. I rarely drink white wine as red is my true love.

  5. Agree on both counts, Gammypie. Drink what you want. Maybe a zinfandel (red, not white) would work best.

  6. One of my all time favorite sandwiches-although I don’t like it served with jam or the powdered sugar.

  7. I like mine with powdered sugar served with ketchup on the side. Mmm..

  8. I like it with mustard, particularly a spicy brown or Dijon.

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