There is nothing better than a great breakfast to start the day. My favorite is a melody of mixed veggies, edamame, tofu, Italian seasonings, salt, pepper, chili powder and salsa. It’s good. Oh so good!

I’m craving the weekend in a major way. I’m struggling at work lately. I’m tired. I feel like I live at the office these days. I wake up. I go to work. I come home. I eat dinner. I go to bed. That’s pretty boring. It sounds like i need to spice things up (aka take a day off). April is a coming. That’s my closest three day weekend. Bummer. I was hoping for sooner.

Happy Wednesday!!! Think good thoughts to get me through to the weekend.

5 responses to “Breakfast

  1. Your tofu scramble looks great! All I had for breakfast was a Kombucha…I really need to get rid of that snooze button so I can get back to a healthy breakfast routine.

  2. I love all the salsa! Anything with salsa makes a great breakfast!!

  3. Pretty breakfast! I’ve yet to try the tofu scramble- do you use firm or soft tofu?

    Sending happy weekend vibes your way…

  4. I use extra firm tofu. I’ve tried soft and it works just as well.

    Thanks for the vibes. I sure do need them!!

  5. Friday is half way over. Yayyy!!!

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