Whirley Pop

Check this out. I found this on my doorstep. Nice, huh?


M and I enjoyed some mighty fine corn pop last night. Oh boy!! The smell alone is wonderful!

Last night was our standard happy hour at Corner Bar. I’ve been going back to an old favorite. The greyhound. Give me Tito’s and grapefruit and I’m one happy gal.

Have a great weekend!


6 responses to “Whirley Pop

  1. People leave you cookware on your doorstep?! I wish I was that lucky!

  2. If only I was that lucky. I ordered the Whirley Pop on-line. The surprise part was the fact that is was delivered almost a full week before the posted delivery date.

  3. So, is it a special popper? What’s different about it?

  4. Nothing special. It just looks cool. There is something about turning the crank that makes the popcorn taste better. I know. It’s all in my head.

  5. It probably isn’t imagined. It’s amazing what difference a small thing can make sometimes.

  6. I love homemade popcorn! You’re so right, turning the crank really does make it better.

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