Valentine’s goodies

Is this cute or what? 006

I saw this at World Market yesterday and immediately put it in my basket. I gave it to M for Valentine’s Day which means that I got a new mug. Sweet! 004

M and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day with pizza. It’s how we celebrated our first together and it’s been that way ever since. Our evening started out at Corner bar and then we hopped back home and called up Brothers. They kicked butt again. We devoured every slice. We finished our meal with sweets. My Mom got M and I a cheesecake (no pics) from Sweet Temptations. Talk about a mean cake. That bad boy was awesome! Thanks, Mom. 0031

As you can see, cheesecake was not enough to conquer our sweet tooth. I’m a big fan of Choxie. M hit a home run when he gave me these tasty truffles. My favorite is the hazelnut biscotti. M hit another one out of the park with this.


I can’t wait to flip through the pages. Looks like I’ve got my day planned.

Now, on to more searching on the internet. Is anyone out there worried about the salmonella scare? I keep hearing of more and more recalls. I only ask because I nibbled on several Choxie peanut butter pretzel melt aways last night. Now, I am thinking of tossing them out. I guess it would be too late.


I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s. How did you celebrate? Did you go out? Did you stay in? Did you get anything with peanut butter?


6 responses to “Valentine’s goodies

  1. We were in your neighborhood yesterday. We celebrated by going to Taverna and eating a really long lunch with bottomless mimosas. Then, when we got home, I did what I never do. I spent rest of the afternoon and that evening watching TV. I think I watched about 7 hours of TV and then an hour long documentary from Netflix. I feel kinda crunchy from sitting still that long!

  2. That mug is really cool! Oh, and I got that book at Christmas time. Haven’t used it much though. We’ll have to compare recipe results.

  3. Last night, we had our informal celebration by ordering Thai food and drinking prosecca. It’s a combination I heartily recommend! Today, we’re going to Al Biernats for late Sunday Brunch. We’ve been meaning to go back for years, and they’ve just recently installed a Sunday Brunch menu, so today seems like the perfect opportunity!

  4. I love long hours spent vegging out in front of the TV. It’s rare so when the opportunity presents itself I am all over it.

    I thought I would crack that Ina cookbook open today. Nope. It’s now covered with Gourmet, Bon Appetite and a Texas Rangers baseball cap.

    Is lunch/brunch the new dinner date? If so, I love it!

  5. I think so. I just kept thinking, we can skip some of the crowds, eat and drink more while we spend less if we go to brunch instead of dinner. Worked out great for us.

  6. I can’t believe you’re being tortured with work today while M is not. So unfair!!

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