Hump Day

Wow! What a busy week. Is it the weekend yet? I woke up this morning excited about two things; coffee and Chipotle. Last week M and I picked up a couple of burritos for dinner. Our dinner was so quick and delicious that we decided to make Chipotle our Wednesday night staple. Not a bad idea, eh? Hmm.. 8 hours and counting. What to do with all that time in between?? Okay, okay. I’ll go to work and be productive. My work load has increased significantly which has really started to interfere with my blogging. How dare they cut into my blog time! hehehehe

About the coffee mug for my MIL, I ended up getting her a really cute one from Sur la Table. It’s a mug with the word diva on it. Does it get any cheesier? Yep, it’s got swiggles and polka dots too. I forgot to take a picture. I would have bought one for myself , but I was with M and he’s all about saving money so that wouldn’t have been in the budget. Had I been there on my own then I’d be sipping out of that mug right now.

It’s no secret that I love coffee. Especially, my morning coffee. I’m curious. Do you drink coffee all day, in the mornings or not at all? I’m a morning gal myself. There are times when I go to bed at night just to get to my morning cup of joe quicker. Here’s a look at my newest mug from Kroger.



6 responses to “Hump Day

  1. I used to be an all-day coffee drinker (oftentimes drinking up to 10 espressos throughout the day), but I’ve dialed it back significantly to only my morning cup from a French press…albeit a large cup.

    I love coffee mugs as well. Some people collect magnets or postcards, but I like to collect Starbucks City Mugs from my travels. My friend Bret thinks that’s trashy, but I don’t care…it’s my thing 🙂

  2. French press, eh? I should get one myself. Does it really make a difference?

  3. To be honest, I don’t really know. I used to own a Francis X1 espresso machine, but I gave it to my brother on one of my give-up-caffeine phases. Bad move 😡 I never bought another one and have been using an old French press in the hopes that I’ll really give up caffeine some day…

  4. I’m a one cup in the morning girl. Which is good, considering I used to be a one pot in the morning and one pot in the evening mess!

  5. I’m a sporadic afternoon coffee drinker, mainly when I have class- and usually just one cup.

    And you won my BBQ sauce giveaway, btw!!

  6. Yeah! I won!! Unfortunately, I did not win the lottery. I really thought I had the winning numbers last night (fotune cookie help).

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