Coffee mug help needed

This morning’s breakfast. Mmm…0022

What a week! It’s been so crazy at work that I have been having a hard time keeping track of the days. Shh. Don’t tell. I actually like being this busy. Idle time and I are like oil and vinegar.

On Wednesday, M and I discovered the greatness that is Chipotle. I had it in my mind that Chipotle was a lunch place and not a place to go for dinner. I was wrong. Talk about a big honkin’ burrito. Wow!! I told myself that I would only eat half. I fought a losing battle. I stuffed myself to the gills.

There comes a time in your life when you can run miles upon miles a day and still have to watch every little bitty piece of food that you put in your body. Grrr… I remember when running shed everything. Not the case anymore.

This is a female issue. Men can run half as much, eat buckets of fried chicken and look ripped to shreds. Not fair.

Thursday night was awesome! We went to dinner with M’s dad. The greatness of dinner with M Sr. is Hook Line and Sinker. Bring on the baskets of fried pleasure! Of course, this just happens to be the week of meat and dairy elimination (two week trial). Grilled zucchini and squash, fries and hush puppies made up my non meat/dairy meal. Fine, you caught me! So what if I dipped a few fries in the tartar sauce.

I left work early yesterday to get some grocery shopping done. I’m hosting a retirement party for my Mother-in-law on Sunday. What started out as 10 people has somehow grown to over 30 people. I’ll be making two lasagnas instead of one and a TURBO-size Caesar salad along with Cosmic Café’s hummus. I delegated the rest of the spread to my in-laws. Other than my Mother-in-law, the rest DO NOT cook or bake. That means it must be something that can be purchased from the super market. Think garlic bread and cake (suggested ordering from Romano’s bakery).

Friday night was spent on the sofa watching DVD’s and drinking wine. Parker Estate Cabernet to be exact. It’s my new favorite.

I need suggestions for a funky/quirky coffee mug. My MIL loves coffee and I’d like to get her a unique mug as a retirement gift. Help me out guys. Where can I get one locally?


3 responses to “Coffee mug help needed

  1. I’m no help on the coffee mug thing. I only buy them on vacation.

    Your breakfast looks yummy. What is it?

    And what’s up with no meat or dairy? Torture!

    I don’t think tartar sauce is meat or dairy. Isn’t mayo made out of oil? There might be egg involved… I’m not really sure about commercial mayo.

  2. My breakfast is a tofu scramble with mixed veggies, cilantro and avocado. Mmm..mmm..good!

    I gave up meat and dairy for a trial period. Thus far, my body has really enjoyed it.

    I cheated last night. I ordered pizza and instead of cutting the cheese (haha!), I left it on there along with tomatoes.

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