Is it or isn’t it?

It’s 8:15AM and I’m still debating on whether or not to make the drive up to Plano. I don’t want to get STUCK at the office. I have to have some blood work done a little later this morning. I will make my decision after that. I just hate the idea of trying to drive home on an ice rink aka the tollway.

Normally, I would be filled with joy at the possibility of an ice day, but not today. I have so much work to do. Being out for part of last week plus time off this week is really putting a damper on production. Grr…

Not to mention, work means that I work out. I have a gym less than ten feet from my desk. I have no treadmill at home nor workout DVDs. Obviously, the weather outside is not condusive for running. The idea of breaking my neck on a slick spot is not all that appealing. What’s a girl to do?

Updates to come later. How is everyone else handling today’s weather?

4 responses to “Is it or isn’t it?

  1. Stay home and climb up and down the stairs instead. Ice storms are not fun. Or safe.

  2. I decided to stay home. I’m watching Brokeback Mountain for the hundreth time. I can’t watch it enough. The more I watch it the more I love it!

  3. I live about a 4-5 hours drive from where that was filmed. LOL

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