Another one bites the dust (Friday)

Note: I wrote this post yesterday, but for some reason saved it as a draft. Um, well…here it is now.

I’ve been sick with the flu since Tuesday. I still feel like crap, but I must mention that last night’s drenching was not as bad as previous nights. It seems to me that I’m on the road to recovery.

I must take the time to thank a few helpers along the way. Thank you Sonic! Your cherry limeade did the body good. Thank you Central Market for making homestyle chicken noodle soup. I was too tired and ill to make my own. Don’t kill me, but I added Tabasco. Thank you red wine. You helped me sleep through the night. Thank y0u Ricola for cough drops that don’t reek of Vics Vapor Rub, but still do the job. Thank you Tylenol, Advil and 4-way for getting me through every waking moment. I can’t wait to enjoy next weekend. I plan to use this one to rest and get well.

Guess who came home sick from work today? You guessed it. M. I started him on Tamiflu. He’s been asleep on the sofa for over 4 hours now. Uh oh! Calling Nurse McDaniel!

Men handle illness much differently than women. I must mention this one tiny thing that really got me peeved! When M got home today my fever decided to break. I was drenched in sweat and trying my best to lay as still as possible in the bed. I wanted to fall asleep and forget about the flu. M had something different in mind. He wanted to know why I wasn’t getting up to take care of him. Really? I did what any loving wife would do. I gave him a Tamiflu (got a prescription for him when I was at the doctor) and then a big old Tylenol Cold and Flu P.M. Yes, I knocked my hubby out cold. It’s been a peaceful afternoon ever since.

Now, what to have for dinner??? I think Yumi to Go will be getting a call tonight. Did I mention bef


One response to “Another one bites the dust (Friday)

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. Work has just been a dog and I haven’t had time to get around recently. Glad to hear you’re getting better, though, even if M is dying now. Eat more soup. It’s good for you.

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