And the weekend begins…

Yesterday, my office packed up to move to our new location in Plano. Boo! I’m not looking forward to the drive. At least construction on the tollway has ceased. I have no plans to show up at the new location over the long weekend to unpack (need rest and relaxation). I’ll tackle that early Tuesday morning. Talk about a cluster f***!

Lunch consisted of another salad. I love my salads. What do I love more than salads? Iced coffee! I’ve turned into a complete junkie!



I left the office early and headed over to Central Market. If you follow my post, you know that I LOVE grapefruit. Take a look at these beauties! I bought more than the bowl could hold. They are rolling all over my counter space. Pure entertainment for Carlos!


Dinner consisted of blueberry pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs. This was ultimate comfort food for us! I followed the standard Joy of Cooking recipe for pancakes, but added an extra tsp. of sugar and 1/2 tsp. of baking soda. They turned out beautifully!

Since the new year, we have stopped drinking during the work week (call us crazy). Last night, we enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine recommended by Monticello Liqours; Enzo Di Sette Rue Primitivo. The bottle didn’t last long. M and I took down the whole thing and then some while watching Evil.

Evil is a Swedish film about a young man that is expelled from high school and sent to a  prestigious academy. Threats and bullying take center stage as this teenager looks to overcome his own rage and agression within.



2 responses to “And the weekend begins…

  1. Gammypie, if you need lunch recommendations near your new office, look no furthur than either my Food Czar blog or Donna Chen’s blog Donna Cooks. We both cover the West Plano dining scene, which sounds like it’s near your new work location, so if you pass an interesting-looking restaurant, please check with us, as one of us is likely to have reviewed it already!

  2. Thanks!! I’ll be sure to hit you guys up for tips!

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