Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready for the weekend? M and I have been dying for it to get here all week. Not only do we want to make another trip to Chocolate Angel for their Coca Cola Chocolate Cake, but we also want to try their pies. Speaking of pies. We are heading back to Louie’s on Saturday for another awesome pizza night. Since we have a three day weekend ahead, we’re in store for more movies, restaurants and culinary creations. Whoo hoo!




Breakfast consisted of mixed fruit and an Activa yogurt. Of course, I had to have my funky egg beater and tofu concoction. It’s total comfort food to me. Healthy too!


Breakfast would not be complete without coffee. Below is a snap of the best coffee in the world; Almond Joy with lots of cream! Notice the little specks? I like to add a little Allspice to my java for an extra kick. Yum!


So, what do you eat for breakfast? Are you fairly healthy? Once a week I like to splurge and dive head first into a chocolate croissant. Mmm… chocolate!!

Take a look at yesterday’s salad creation. Yummy, huh? It’s a good thing our work cafeteria has a nice salad bar. Otherwise, I’d have to venture off campus for lunch.


I have a recipe to post either later today after work or tomorrow. It’s the strawberry pretzel salad; a Thanksgiving staple for over 25 years.

Is anyone else off for a three day weekend?


3 responses to “Friday

  1. I finally bought a dehydrator to better explore raw foods on my three day weekend! I made kale chips to accompany my raw zucchini hummus yesterday, and this morning I’m enjoying some raw coconut brownie bites that dehydrated overnight. They’ll go really well with my favorite raw libation tonight…red wine 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fun foodie weekend you have there! I might drag Brian to Chocolate Angel, too. The new location is so much less “girly” than the Richardson spot.

    So excited to see the strawberry-pretzel salad recipe!!

  3. Yep, I took today off, too. So, I’ve got a four day weekend underway. Four days off and no obligations. I love it!

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