Cake, puppies, pizza and so much more


On me on my! M and I had the best dinner on Saturday night. Our day started out with all of the right intentions. I did a little shopping at Sports Authority. My workout clothes no longer look like that of exercise, but of misc. dust towels. I spent longer than normal shopping which made me late for my noon jog with Mom. Did I mention that Saturday was freezing!!!!! By the time I got home, I was really pushing the clock to get to the theater to see Rachel Getting Married. When M and I finally arrived at Inwood Theatre there were only 13 seats left. We bolted and headed straight to Angelika for The 2:30 showing of The Wrestler. Again, we were too late to get good seats.

What to do when plans go wrong? Eat cake. Dallas Eats posted on Chocolate Angel the other day. I’ve vowed to try their Coca Cola choclate cake ever since. Boy was that chocolate cake to die for! The cake was super moist and the icing a kiss from heaven. Mmmm..mmm… The very teeny tiny bottom of the cake was a bit dry, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a try. That’s my beef with cake stands…they are not air tight. The coffee was quite tasty too. M and I polished off our massive slice of cake and took our coffee to-go along with a few coconut macaroons. Where to next? Look at the new puppy.


My brother and his girlfriend got Skylar a playmate. Boy is he a big boy. Rambo is only six weeks old and he’s huge! For now, Skylar is treating the little guy like her baby. In due time, she’s going to have a monster to go round and round with. Skylar doesn’t always play nice with other dogs. She’s spoiled and likes to be the center of attention. That means, fights tend to occur. Rambo will be 90 plus lbs. That will give Skylar something to bow down to. I must mention. Skylar is the sweetest baby ever. She is full of kisses and wants you to love on her constantly. That’s probably why I find myself over at their place in pure ecstacy. Love, love, love all of the time.


The highlight of Saturday was our meal at Louie’s. M and I haven’t been in several years and it was just as we remembered it. We ordered the Greek salad along with a large pie of half double pepperoni and the other half with sausage, mushrooms and grilled onions. Can we just say it was awesome?! In fact, it was so good that once we polished off our pie we ordered another one to munch on and have for left overs. After many beers and tons of pizza, we stopped off at 7-11 for a couple of pints of ice cream. Like we needed more food. We finished the night in bed watching Pineapple Express eating ice cream.

Sunday, we got up early and headed over to Northpark to seel Gran Torino. I love Clint Eastwood. He had me in stitches during the entire film. Did I mention tears? Yep, the two of us choked up on more than once. I already have this film queued up on our Netflix account. Afterwards, we grabbed a quick bite at Kona (a couple of sandwiches). I love that place. There is nothing special about it, but it’s good enough that we continue to go back. I’m a huge fan of the basil aioli. I always ask for extra for dipping.

M and I finished off the night with a couple of steaks and salads from Central Market. Lately, I have become the ultimate coffee junkie. I want it in the morning, with meals, in the afternoon, with dinner, etc… I bought two different roasts at CM last night. I am currently sipping on Almond Joy. This stuff is liquid crack! Oh yeah, it’s that good! I can’t wait to try the decaf Mexican chocolate blend after dinner tonight. I only hope it’s half as good as the Almond Joy.



2 responses to “Cake, puppies, pizza and so much more

  1. Louie’s is the best- and we were just down the block from you on Saturday night (Barcadia)… small world!

    That puppy is adorable. He’s going to keep Skylar very, very busy!

  2. Look at those babies!! Skylar looks like our Maxine. How old is Skylar? How big? What kind of dog is Rambo?

    Sorry, I’m a dog freak.

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