Last night M and I joined some good friends for dinner at Lili’s in Fort Worth. While the food was nothing to write home about, the atmosphere and ambiance were. We were delighted with the service, the packed transisitional neighborhood and the glowing faces surrounding us. The prices were very reasonable for the entrees and the wine list. You can’t beat that. There is nothing worse than paying an arm and a leg for mediocre food.

We started with the Gorgonzola Waffle Fries and the Texas Ostrich Egg. The waffle fries were okay. They made me wish I were chowing down a basket of Blue Cheese Fries at Jasper’s. Of course, that didn’t stop our table from taking down the whole thing. The Ostrich Egg was an avocado stuffed with couscous, spinach and cream cheese served on top of a black bean and hummus puree. The waiter highly recommended the avocado. Sorely, it was not a hit. We tried to like it, but the creation was bland and the combination of ingredients melded together into a platter of soggy mush.

I opted for the special of the day; Seafood Crepes. They consisted of more filling than seafood, but satisfactory nonetheless. M opted for the Lamb Chops coated with Parmesan cheese and pistachios along with polenta fries. Oh my words, the topping alone is worth writting about. I plan to copy the crumb topping and use it on my pork tenderloin for a dinner next week. The lamb was perfectly cooked to medium rare. The chops were my cup of tea; however, this was not the case for M. He does this time and time again. He thinks he will love lamb chops as much as I do and therefore orders them. After one bite, he states the same, “I should have ordered the filet, lamb is not for me.” What a goober. The good news is that I got to finish his plate.

Our fellow diners ordered the steak medallions and the green chile enchiladas. Maybe this place should change it’s name to Lili’s Tex Mex. The green chile enchiladas were the highlight of our table. The deconstructed enchiladas packed a punch and their creamy green chile sauce was a perfect compliment to the chicken and rice. The medallions were too sweet for our table’s liking. This especially disappointed M since he was hoping to quench his carnivorous craving with them.

Our table skipped dessert and went straigt for the coffee. Other than the enchiladas the coffee was another surprise hit. I love coffee, but I’m not one to down four cups in one sitting (not counting college finals). I wish I could tell you about their desserts. If I had to guess, this place would be best served as an after dinner spot for coffee and mayber dessert. I noticed at almost every table cappuccino was being souped up with a spoon. At first I thought they were mugs of chocolate mousse. Nope, just a cappuccino.

Again, M and I had a wonderful evening with our dear friends. We have already scheduled our next dinner date in Cow Town at Nonna Tata. Just in case, our friends have a table and chairs all ready to set up outside in the event that the inside is packed. How is that for prepared?


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  1. Interesting. I didn’t even know that place existed. Nonna Tata is great, but WAY small. I can’t wait to hear about what you have there.

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