Happy New Year

I’m not one for staying up late. That’s just me. My Mom tells stories of me as child and my constant desire for wanting to go to bed early. Can you believe that? I used to beg for nap time and bed time. The same holds true today. Last night I made it to 10PM. I could have gone to bed at 8PM, but pushed myself to be a good playmate. I know M enjoyed my company. I also know that he secretly likes it when I go to bed so he can watch endless hours of ESPN.

Last night M and I watched Irreplaceable (not for the squeamish) and made champagne cocktails. I got the recipe of off seriouseats.com. Blend 25 roasted almonds, 1 tsp of almond extract and 1/4 cup of sugar. Line the rim of a champagne flute with lemon then dip in the almond mixture. Pour desired amount of Amaretto liqueur into glass and top with champagne. Yum! Two glasses was enough for me only because I feared a splitting headache in the morning.

In years past, M and I would get take out from Maggiano’s for New Year’s Eve. This year we opted for the Bertolli oven bake meals. We have been relying on these big time over the holidays. They are quick and quite tasty. I usually add touches of my own such as cheese tortellini, heavy cream, white wine, etc… In a bind, these quickie meals are pretty good. Have you tried them before?

Today is the big New Year’s dinner with the familly. My Mom is making seafood gumbo, spiked egg nog (is there another kind?), Sister Schubert rolls, smoked salmon appetizers, black eyed pea dip (creamed with cheese, bacon, onion and baked in the oven), Spinach salad and cheese cake. I’m only required to bring wine. Is that easy or what? I can’t wait to get together with everyone. I love hanging with the family! Soon, M and I will be within walking distance of Mimi’s house. Talk about convenient!

Happy New Year everyone! Did you make any resolutions? Will you enjoy black eyed peas today for good luck? What’s your tradition?


4 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. What a question, Gammypie! Of course I will eat black-eyed peas for good luck. It is an old Southern law that they must be consumed every January 1st, or stiff fines will be assessed!!!

  2. We were invited for gumbo, too. Smoked duck gumbo with rice. Cabbage and black-eyed peas on the side. Yummy!!

  3. YES on the black eyed peas… and we’re still eating the leftovers!

    So does your mom make eggnog from scratch? We tried the homemade kind at a party last week and Brian has been dying for the recipe… I hear it’s a pain in the rear to make.

  4. My Mom buys Braum’s egg nog then adds Makers Mark, Grand Marnier, vanilla, fresh nutmeg and vanilla ice cream.

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