Chirstmas Eve

I’m enjoying a nice morning alone with a yummy cup of Hazelnut coffee. Mmm… We have a great day ahead of us. M is at the office this morning and plans to get home in time to take me to get the tamales. He’s so weird about me driving around on Harry Hines Blvd. Gee, how’d I ever survive this world before M? Ha!

Mom and I are going for a long walk this morning. I can’t wait! I need it from last night’s activities. M’s best friend is in town for the holidays and Plucker’s is a must. We plowed our way through Honey BBQ wings, Goldrush wings, cheddar fries, fried pickles and magic mushrooms. Oh, did I mention the case of Miller Lite? Geez, talk about gluttons! Did I mention that the cheddar fries there suck yet we order them every time. I’ve never heard of cheddar fries sanz cheese. Interesting concept. The reverse cheddar fry. Brilliant!

We rented Mummy, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. We find it highly amuzing to rent horrible movies. We have a ball of a time making fun of the acting. Brandon Fraser provides belly aching laughs. Check it out. I dare you!

We start Christmas Eve with a champagne toast and then head to the early church service. I am reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a time to relax, take it all in and thank the Lord. I love it. Then it’s off to Mom’s house for Luna’s tamales, The Shed enchiladas (add fried egg for me), margaritas, egg nog, Christmas cookies and margaritas. Yes, we like our ritas. It’s a Wonderful Life always plays in the background. Then it’s a cab ride home and we start the whole shabang all over again.

Happy holidays!


2 responses to “Chirstmas Eve

  1. I need to get happier about the holidays. I don’t know what it is… but I’m one of those people who tend to get stressed out and emotional. I need to just relax, hence a glass of wine!

  2. I used to get stressed out. I think that all changed when M and I got married. He’s stressed enough for the both of us. Somehow that makes me care free. That being said, one of the women always cries on Christmas. We usually bet on it. Pretty funny.

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