Is roasting the traditional method?

Last night M and I were craving Mexican food. The closest place to us is On the Border (we’re lazy and didn’t want to drive all over town). OTB fits the bill when need be. Chuy’s is right next door, but they are hit and miss. With OTB, I know what I’m going to get time after time (quality wise).

We settled up at the bar and placed our to go order. A couple of beers later and our food was ready. Did I mention that the bar draws a nice crowd? I was quite surprised for a freezing Monday night. I went with the pick three option getting two sour cream chicken enchiladas and a cheese chile rellano with rice and black beans.

My first bite of the rellano was quite tasty. Same goes for the chicken enchiladas. I polished my plate in no time flat. I realized a few bites in that my rellano was not roasted hence the knife and fork. What’s with that? Is that normal? I have always roasted my poblanos for rellanos. Is that the traditional way or not? Do tell.


2 responses to “Is roasting the traditional method?

  1. Gammypie, according to Robb Walsh, author of The Tex-Mex Cookbook, poblanos are usually “roasted and peeled before use,” and are “the peppers most commonly used for Tex-Mex chili rellenos”. (page 7, 1st edition, 2004).

  2. I char mine to peel them. But, then I batter and deep fry the peppers. So, that finishes off the pepper cooking. Then I top the pepper with meat, cheese and sauce and bake/broil it.

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