My Mom and I dined at Cibus Ristorante for lunch today. The atmosphere is bright and cozy with an airy feel. We both enjoyed a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while we browsed the menu. I opted for the seared Scottish salmon with a meyer lemon sauce. This dish itself was quite ordinary. I found it to be bland and lacking in structure. However, the saffron sauce was incredible. Unfortunately, it paired better with my bread than the salmon. The salmon needed something more powerful to counter it’s strong flavor. The salmon was center stage, but the supporting Israeli cous cous and roasted root vegetables belonged with a roast chicken not the almighty salmon.

My Mom ordered the special of the day; polenta with provolone and mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil. This dish is comfort all the way. It’s rich and cheesy. Surprisingly, the taste reminded me of La Madeline’s French onion soup. I couldn’t believe how similar these two dishes were. I couldn’t keep my fork from wandering over to her plate. One bite salmon then two bites polenta.

The highlight of the meal was dessert. Oh my heavens you have to try their gelato. We got the small which comes with two flavors. There is a medium that comes with four and a large with six. We tried pistachio (my favorite) and chocolate. To my Mom’s surprise the pistachio was the better of the two. Of course, they were both to die for! Next time I am going to try the coconut.

Good news guys! I got all of my Christmas shopping done today. Sad to say, but Northpark was not nearly as crowded as I had anticipated. It was almost scary to see how little shopping was being done. It seemed like some stores were practically giving their merchandise away.

2 responses to “Cibus

  1. Wow. Two weeks until Christmas and Northpark not crowded? That IS pretty scary. What’s the world coming to?

    Interesting overview of Cibus. I’m wanting to try it. Doesn’t quite sound like it’s over the top, though.

  2. That’s kind of disappointing about Cibus- I usually love the Lombardi restaurants. Although the polenta does sound delicious…

    Congrats on getting all of your shopping done! We hit up Northpark late Saturday afternoon and it was NUTS.

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