We didn’t end up splurging for the lobsters. Instead, I went with the Alaskan King salmon and M with a prime rib eye. . I’ve become an addict to seaweed salad. Yep, I’ve been buying some daily and having it for lunch. Last night, I served the teriyaki salmon on top of seaweed salad with a sweet potato on the side. I love me some sweet potatoes. M went with the rib eye seared on the stove and finished in the oven along with a Caesar salad, garlic bread and a loaded baked potato. He was kind enough to give me a bite of his steak. Yum!

I have this thing about the Cowboys. If I watch them, they perform poorly. When I don’t watch them, they do great. Well, I watched them yesterday. Sorry everyone. I should have stayed in the bedroom watching anything other than the Cowboy game. I had to make dinner and couldn’t help but hear the entire game.

M did the sweetest thing the other day. His department has a raffle once a month. He put all of his tickets towards the item of his choice and he won. Guess who really won? Me! I got three awesome cookbooks from Sur la Table. He’s such a sweetie!


4 responses to “TJ’s

  1. Yea for new cookbooks!! Which ones did you get?

    That salmon/seaweed salad combo sounds delicious… but what exactly is TJ’s?? All I can think of is Trader Joe’s, but that can’t be right (I wish!).

  2. I love seaweed salad!

    OK, what cookbooks? You gotta tell.

  3. I got Knives Cooks Love, The Art and Soul of Baking and Things Cooks Love. I’ve been doing some fun reading!

  4. I’ve been interested in that “Things Cooks Love”. What do you think?

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