Happy Friday everyone! This week has been a long one. It’s always hard to go back to work after a nice little vacation. I am so pumped about the weekend. There was a post on Eats that TJ’s has lobsters for $12.99 a pound. Oh man! We’re going to order up a couple for Sunday night’s dinner.

Last night M and I watched a really great band on DVD. Sigur Ros is an Icelandic indie group that is awesome. If you haven’t heard of them then look them up. They are fabulous. We sipped on wine and nibbled on Cub Scout’s caramel popcorn. Mmm.. Our evening started out with a full tin of popcorn and ended with it almost completely gone. I’ll be putting in my time on the treadmill today.

Today, M and I are taking it easy tonight. We have Dirty Pretty Things all ready to go in the DVD player and some good vino to take us late in the night. I have no idea what we’ll have for dinner. Bangkok City was mighty tasty last week. We might give that another whirl.

Tomorrow is M and I’s pizza night. We ALWAYS have pizza on Saturday night. I’m feeling a chain pizza with a stuffed crust. Yep, that’s it. I want stuffed crust with lots of Ranch dressing. Yes, I am one of those pizza and Ranch loving fans. So good!

I need to get started on my holiday shopping. We’re not giving gifts within the immediate family this year. Due to the economy, we are focusing on good food and drink. I love that idea. Talk about less stress. We’re still doing gifts on M’s side of the family and we have Secret Santa with extended family. Between M and I, that’s only 6 gifts. I can knock that out in half a day.

So, what is everyone doing for the holidays? Are you spending less, more or the same as years past?


6 responses to “TGIF

  1. What a great idea! Gammypie, I believe very strongly that one should give gifts when one is moved to give them. Birthday, Christmas, anniversary, whatever. If anyone complains, just smile sweetly and take them off your dinner list!

    For us, we love to travel in December because that’s when you can get the best deals, so it becomes a combined birthday/Christmas present for both of us! Not to mention great food and a change of scenery all at once!!

  2. I don’t know what our family is doing this year yet. I sure hope it isn’t much!

  3. There is no shame in pizza with Ranch. Or pizza with that (dare I say it?) yummy fake butter stuff in the little plastic cup! 🙂

  4. Hey, did you see Tio’s Tortas is gone? !!

  5. Holy cow! No more Tio’s? Man, that is a real bummer!

  6. It’s such a bad year for these great places. Very sad.

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