Turkey day

My in-laws celebrate Thanksgiving the weekend before at the ranch. They cater in bbq and have a ball of a time playing horse shoes and Taboo. Unfortunately, I was not able to go this year. I think that is why I have all the more reason to be so excited about the upcoming holiday. Last night, we previewed the big day with Sunday dinner at my Mom’s. We had a blast. My nephew was there along with his parents all the way from Reno, NV. We sat around the table enjoying bottles of red wine along with chili and cornbread.

It’s a short work week. I’m only working a day and a half. The rest of my time will be spent with my nephew and preparing for Thanksgiving. I’m making creamed spinach, corn and chipotle gratin, broccoli cheese rice casserole and a pumpkin cake. So far we don’t have a chocolate dessert. My cousin backed out on making a chocolate cream pie. I’m thinking of making a chocolate cake using the recipe on the Cocoa box. It looks pretty good to me. I’m open for suggestions. Got any good chocolate recipes for me?

Has anyone put up their tree yet? M and I are all set to get it up early this year as in today. I can’t wait!

2 responses to “Turkey day

  1. Have fun with your nephew!

    Hmm… chocolate recipes… I’m big on that Texas Sheet Cake (the one with pecans in the frosting). It’s easy to make but SOOO good.

  2. Hub will never let me put anything up until after Thanksgiving.

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