Okay, I know I said that we weren’t getting another kitty, but we (meaning I) haven’t completely ruled it out. Yesterday, I went to Petsmart to get Lola (Mom’s kitty) her cat food. I came across the sweetest little boy ever! If he’s still there today then he’s all mine. I already named him and everything. Moops, if you’re still there you are coming home with me.

I cooked a brisket in the crock pot yesterday. It turned out really well. M was in heaven last night. He’s a meat and potato guy so last night’s dinner was right up his alley. I think my favorite part of the meal was my sweet potato. I forgot how much better they are than regular baked potatoes.

Note to self. All the hype about olive oil cakes is crap. I made one yesterday and it sucked. I’m sticking to the real deal next time. What a waste of ingredients.

M and I dined at Javier’s on Friday. What is it about that place? M and I absolutely love it! We started off with their smoked chicken nachos. Hello, where have you been all my life? Yes, they were to die for. As for our meals, it’s beef all the way. They create some of the best filets in town. I’m already itching to go back.


5 responses to “Moops

  1. smoked chicken nachos????

    sounds awesome! 🙂

  2. MMMM… Javiers. I could pretty much drink their salsa. It’s like crack.

    Olive oil cake? Is this just a regular cake using olive oil instead of butter/canola?

  3. Olive oil cake is pretty much just that…a regular cake made with olive oil. Bleh!

  4. I’ve thought about the olive oil cake thing. Good thing you tried it first. Now I don’t have to!

    So, what about Moops?

  5. No Moops for now. I have to see that perfect kitty before I can adopt. If I come upon him, he’s all mine. All I know is that Cheezburger is making someone very happy.

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