M and I love Taverna. It takes us back to the early days of our relationship. We used to go almost every Saturday when we first started dating. Recently, we returned and enjoyed it just as much as we did way back then. We started with the calamari which we devoured in minutes. Next we split a couple of pizzas and some wine. We lingered after dinner, sipping on our wine and talking about the past and the future. It was a great night. I look forward to our return.


4 responses to “Taverna

  1. Hi, Gammypie and M! It’s so nice to see what you really look like!! Yes, my lovely wife the Rock Star and I have our special places we frequent, and going to one always makes me feel like coming home!!

  2. So very true! Since Taverna is within walking distance to our place it is like our home away from home.

  3. You live that close to Taverna!? What fun. Then you’re within walking distance of a lot of great places to eat. Hubbard and I have been going to Taverna a lot recently. I really like the atmosphere and the food is excellent. We’ll have to try the calamari.

  4. We really are lucky! Whenever we want to celebrate something special like a promotion, birthday, etc…. we always hit up Javiers. There is something about the salsa and butter combination. Did I mention their margaritas? They are the best!! M was recently promoted. You know what that means? You guessed it. We’ll be dining at Javiers soon.

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