The weekend and everything else

Oh boy! What a dilemna. We have a wedding on Saturday night and the Tech/TX game is at 7PM. What in the world are we going to do? There is no TV at the reception (we checked). We’re thinking of skipping it altogether and watching the game instead. Is that wrong? M’s best friend is in town for the wedding since he’s a groomsman. He’s in a pickle as well since he’s got $$$ on the game. Who am I kidding? He’s got money on all of the games. It’s not like we know the bride and groom all that well. We were surprised to get an invite in the first place. Hmm… what are we going to do? To be continued…  Just in case, I had two dresses dry cleaned in the event that we do attend which I think we will.

Enough wedding talk. I’m going to make chicken enchilada casserole for Sunday dinner with M and his guest. The Cowboy’s play at 3PM so we’ll have tasty queso in the crock pot to get our appetites going. I’ve also got the itch to make banana nut bread again. It was so good last time. That reminds me, I will need to make a trip to the grocery store this evening. I need those bananas nice and ripe.

I’m so excited. I’m getting my hair done today. I’ve been a brunette for the past couple of years and I’m ready to be a blond again. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m crazy when it comes to my hair. I go back and forth between being a blond and a brunette. My stylist thinks I’m nuts!


4 responses to “The weekend and everything else

  1. No, it is not wrong to skip the wedding. If you knew the bride and groom very well, that might be one thing. But, in this case, I say do what you like and send your sweet regrets!

  2. I’d go to the wedding… but that might just be because I like wedding cake. Can you Tivo the game? Yeah, not as exciting, I guess…

    Good luck with the hair!

  3. We’ve decided to go to the wedding. M promised we’d be watching the TX/Tech game,but I don’t see how or where. I’ll leave that magic up to him.

  4. So, did you get to see the game? If that picture on the Taverna post is you’re new do, then it looks great! Was there any good food at the wedding? Hub and I went and PIGGED out at Sushi Axiom.

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