Saturday morning

I slept in today and it felt wonderful. I’m sipping on a cup of coffee watching some cooking show on PBS. It’s really just background noise, but sounds much more soothing than Rachel Ray. I whipped up some brownies and the smell from the kitchen is mouth watering. I can’t wait to have one. Come to think of it. I haven’t made brownies in years. I don’t know why, but I haven’t. M and I have two hours until the Tech game. I promised M that I would pick up tortas from Tio’s for lunch. What was I thinking? Obviously, it was the alcohol talking last night. I don’t even remember saying that. Why do vodka tonics do that to me? Apparently, I promised a country  breakfast. I vaguely remember something about sausage gravy. Geez, that was a bunch of horse shit. Coming up next, the recipe for my famous brownies and chicken enchilada casserole. Oh yeah, did I mention that I busted into a can of Rico cheese last night? Damn that vodka!


4 responses to “Saturday morning

  1. Ah, the joys of boozy promises! The trick is to be sure he’s drinking more than you so that he’ll remember less.

    We’ll lift a glass to you today at brunch. I sure wish you could make it. But, I totally understand. We moved the date because of football. Now, I’m thinking tomorrow’s game might be too depressing to watch!

  2. Oh, and do post the chicken enchilada casserole recipe. That sounds good.

  3. I’ll post the recipe for sure! As for drinking, meds say no and I say yes! M can drink twice as much and I’m the only one that wakes up with fuzzy memories. Effexor, why do you come with such side effects? Ha!

  4. Haha- country breakfast! Yeah, it’s funny what sounds like a great idea after a few drinks (Taco Bell Crunchwraps, for instance… ew).

    Have a great day!

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