Tio’s Tortas

I’ve got to give another shout out to this place. Seriously guys, if you haven’t been then you are missing out big time. Not only did M and I enjoy some of the best sandwiches in town, but so did a co-worker and it made me so happy to hear all about his experience. In his exact words, “Tio’s tortas is bomb-digity-good and the fajita meat is marinated in God juice!” Is that saying something about these sandwiches or what? Go in and try these bad boys. They are that good. Make sure you get a side of their corn which is warm and cheesy with every bite. I even drank the sauce after I ate the corn. I hope no one saw me do that. Oh well, they probably took it as a queue to do the same thing. Ha!

5 responses to “Tio’s Tortas

  1. I’ve gotta go. I’m assuming they aren’t out of this world expensive. It’s great to get recommendations that I don’t have to save up for!

  2. They are priced well. Take note, get the regular sandwich or split a large. That will save you $$$.

  3. Oh man, that corn is AMAZING. But what kind of torta did you get? I had the veggie and was not impressed- maybe meat would have been a better option…?

  4. M had the Cubana and I had the Jamb. We sampled both and loved them! Mine didn’t come with tomato so I stole M’s. He can take ’em or leave ’em. I simply can’t live without. Did you try the Elotes con Vaso? Oh my lordy. That’s the best corn dish out there. Heaven!

  5. My co-worker had the Barbacoa and nearly passed out trying to describe the beef.

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