M and I love pizza!! Every now and again, we want something different after a night at the bar. Well, more like happy hour. We go early and leave before things get too crazy. That wasn’t the story years ago. We waited to go out until things got crazy.

Anyway, we have really enjoyed ordering delivery take-out from YumiToGo. I must admit, we were hesitant to order Chinese/Asian fusion take-out. Our experiences in the past have been full of disappointment. I guess that’s what we get for using take-out menus posted to our door.Yumi offers a nice selection of entrees such as chu chicken, Mongolian beef, dan dan noodles and ahi tuna spring rolls. My favorite is the chicken wonton noodle soup. Guys, this soup is tasty I tell ya! It was not what I expected. It’s full of flavor and loaded with goodies. This is not a soup with all broth and a few wontons floating about. The chu chicken is loaded with tons of broccoli florets and red bell pepper and the dan dan noodles are similar to those at Pei Wei, but much better.

Finally, we can get our Chinese fix without the disappointment of lack luster, greasy take-out.They deliver to Highland Park, Oak Lawn, Uptown and Downtown.


3 responses to “YumiToGo

  1. Sadly, we have basically no Chinese or Asian delivery that’s worth a damn available for our area. Big bummer. I’m jealous!

  2. Ha! So very true. I used to pick up Thai food from Tukta Thai, but the quality has gone way down. I love Royal Thai, but somewhat on the pricey side for take-out.

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