Corny Dogs

M and I both took off from work last Friday to go to the State Fair of Texas. We got there right at 11AM. I think it would have been earlier had we not made a minor detour. Oops! My fault. M can’t stand being out of his comfort zone. Let’s just say our ride was tense. Thank goodness for the easy parking and crowd free day. I love Jack’s Frys! I talked them up so much that M was quite disappointed when we sat down to munch on our hot goodies. To me, they were perfect and just how I remembered them from years past. Next stop was at Fletchers for a corny dog. Yum! Our dogs were hot, fresh and covered in mustard. I like to add ketchup too. We were never tempted to try any of the fried treats offered at the Fair. For some reason, none of them appealed to us. We were more beer drinkers this year. Food took a backseat. We tried various other foods, but none worth mentioning. A lot of our food went into the trash with only a bite missing. What happened to us this year? Was it us or was the food simply mediocre?


One response to “Corny Dogs

  1. You know, I was thinking about that. I only tried one new thing and basically stuck to the regular stuff. BW beer and Jack’s Fries. I had a Hans Mueller sausage, too. Hub had a Belgian waffle and we had lots of bee! Hell, we probably walked right past each other.

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