Guilty Pleasures

M left for New York early this morning. With Ike heading our way, I stocked up on goodies for the weekend and spent way too much money. I am the paranoid type. I always like to be prepared for the worst. What can I say?  I have to have good food and alcohol in the event of a disaster. Is that wrong? After a shopping trip and a walk with Mom, it was too late for making dinner. I knew that I wasn’t cooking tonight. So many different dinner ideas went through my mind. All bad and fattening, of course! My stop and my guilty pleasure is Taco Bueno. I dined on soft chicken tacos and a chicken potato burrito. Yum! I am stuffed and ready for bed.


4 responses to “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Too funny! I thought you were going to say you ate something really bad. Hey, at least it’s chicken!

  2. Oh boy, here is a confession: I sometimes spread myself way to thin with overbookings on certain nights when I’ll be in the proximity of Taco Bell, just so that I’ll have an excuse to go. Then, I rationalize and convince myself that of course, obviously, I have NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE other than to eat the ‘awful’ stuff. With the fries that have cheez sauce on them. Ooooh….yeaaaaah…..

  3. Fast food hits the spot on some nights. Not all, but some and boy do I enjoy it!

  4. Those potato burritos are great. I’ll admit to some late night taco bueno excursions.

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