This was the highlight of my morning. There is nothing I like better than a hearty egg in toast. Yum! I’ve switched from frying my bacon in a saute pan to baking it in the oven. There is less mess, no more greasy splatters and the bacon stays flat. We first stating making eggs in toast instead of French toast one morning when we were out of syrup. The egg white soaks into the bread while cooking and gives it this sweet custard like texture. The yolk is solid on the outside and oozes perfectly with the first break of the fork. It really is a nice treat on a lazy Saturday morning.


6 responses to “Eggs

  1. My mom used to make that for us as a kid. She called it a “hole in one”. At what temp do you cook bacon in the oven. I’ve tried it without very good results. But, yours looks perfect. How do you do it?

  2. I cook the bacon at 450 degrees and turn occasionally. It comes out perfect every time. It also yields more grease in the event that you need it for a recipe. We typically use bacon grease as the base of our roux.

  3. From the picture, it doesn’t look crispy. It is.

  4. No, it looks perfect. How long do you cook it? Do you use the oven or a toaster oven?

  5. My guess would be about 10 minutes. I keep an eye on it the entire time it’s in the oven. Oh, I use the oven not a toaster oven.

  6. oh, how cute! i’ve never had egg in toast, but i’m going to be making breakfast more often on sundays now that it’s football season. this would definitely be something everyone would love!

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