Tio’s Tortas

If you haven’t been to Tio’s Tortas yet then you are missing out. My first visit was quite the adventure. M and I had a late night out and neither one of us wanted to leave home to get food the next day. Finally, I agreed to pick up lunch, but there was one hitch, I wouldn’t go anywhere without a drive-thru. We ran through the usual list of stops like Great Outdoors, Great American Hero, Taco Bueno, Chick-fil-A, etc… I mentioned Tio’s. We drive past it daily. Plus, they have a drive-thru or so I thought.

Me in my worn-out sweat pants (6 sizes too big), a t-shirt stained from who knows what, messy hair, even messier face and flip flops. I got in the car and headed out. I pulled in front of Tio’s and there I saw it….NO DRIVE-THRU! I frantically reached for my cell phone. No phone? I forgot my phone! I wasn’t going in there. I was a disgrace. The clock read close to 2PM. It was a Sunday afternoon. Maybe the church crowd was gone. That’s what I bet on when I decided to brave it and go in.

Boy am I glad that I went in. I didn’t see anyone that I recognized. We’re on the right path. No get in and out as quickly as possible. Tio’s ‘s Tortas makes phenomal Mexican sandwiches and pretty good sides too. I ordered the Jamb and the Cubana along with cordones (french fries) and elotes con vaso (the best corn I’ve ever had).

M and I tore through our sammys which come in two sizes, regular and large. The regular is plenty large. I would suggest the large if you were going to split it or take the other half home for another meal. Both sandwiches came loaded meaning we did not add or subtract from the menu. The Jamb was a jewel of a torta. The avocado, black bean mach and mango pico kissed the ham and cheese beautifully. I wanted to stop halfway through…nope! I was taking the whole sucker down. The corn dish that came along side was awesome. Corn kernals smothered in cojita cheese, rancho sauce, cream and ancho chili butter. I drank the liguid once I devoured all of the corn. I’m going back for the corn and I’m getting a larger order. M had the Cubana which had him fascinated with the Milanesa steak. After his first bite, he looked at me like he’d just had a bite of the best sandwich of his life. He too vowed only to eat half. The blend of cilantro, queso fresco, avocado and red onion had me jealouse. A large bite later and I knew why he had that look on his face. Yum!

M and I will be heading back very soon. I’m want to try the Salchicha. Smoked sausage is a weakness of mine. Maybe I’ll try their fresh fruit juice too.


2 responses to “Tio’s Tortas

  1. OK, I’m convinced! Where is this place?

  2. Lemmon and Douglas. They have fresh squeezed juices as well. I tried the lemon lime while I waited for our order last time. Very fresh! Of course, they have beer and wine too…not sure about a full bar.

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