I am so bummed! Rarely do I go out for a big lunch. I save my calories for dinner. The highlight of Labor Day weekend was today’s lunch. My husband and I debated about this very topic yesterday afternoon. Which was it going to be El Fenix or Snuffers? My personal opinion as of yesterday was El Fenix, but my husband added Snuffers to the mix. It’s been on my mind ever since. When I got up this morning, I decided that Snuffers was the right decision. Plus, we always go to El Fenix when we dine with M’s Dad. Snuffers on Greenville here we come!

Did we make the wrong choice or what? I know, everyone goes to Snuffers for the burgers which are very good. I happen to go for the chicken sandwich, loaded cheddar fries and fried mushrooms.  Our drink order was taken while M looked at the menu. When our drinks were brought to the table we placed our food order. Yes, we’ll take the mushrooms out before everything else. Hmmm….. more than 20 minutes went by before our waiter returned to refill our drinks. Where were the mushrooms? The hubby and I stared at one another with that what do we do look???

Finally, part of our order arrived. Both the mushrooms and the cheddar fries came out together. What’s up with that? We wanted our cheddar fries with our entrees.  Oh well, at least it’s food and we’re both hungry. Unfortunately the cheddar fries weren’t even hot and the cheese tasted different. A new product maybe?? Go back to the original…please! Thankfully, the mushrooms were still the same. I’m still bummed about the cheddar fries.  We ate them, but with a sad thought that our special fries were gone for good.

After another 30 minutes our entrees arrived. At this point we weren’t even hungry. My chicken sandwich was over-cooked and bland. M’s spicy chicken strips were okay. They too were over-cooked and tough. Normally, we would have had a few beers with lunch. In the past, we usually went to Snuffers to make it through a hang over or late night when we needed to sop up the alcohol.

I’m beginning to wonder if Snuffers is that good. Did I eat there with beer goggles on? I think that might be the case. What a bummer!


3 responses to “Snuffers

  1. My husband has mixed feelings about Snuffers. I haven’t been in so long that I think I’d be quite upset if those cheese fries weren’t like I remembered. I hate it when something good goes bad. Beer goggles cracked me up!

  2. I wish we had gone to El Fenix instead. Often times, M and I take Monday off and head over to Highlands Cafe. There is something about the BLT and Greek salad. My husband swears by the Club. Too bad they are closed on holidays. Then again, they know where to draw the line. Good for them.

  3. Congrats on starting your blog. We have so few good places to go out to eat-I’m always hungry after reading Margie’s blog and now I look forward to your adventures too!

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